Hypallages aide TUKI à lancer sa première campagne de crowdfunding

TUKI chooses Hypallages for its crowdfunding campaign

The goal of the campaign is to raise EUR 150 000 to position the Colombian premium juice brand as as a leading player in Europe.

TUKI is a young startup founded by a former French-Colombian bank manager and located in Luxembourg. TUKI produces and distributes bottled fruit juices but not just any kind. TUKI juices are not only tasty but also entirely natural, pure, exclusive and high-quality. Fruits are directly imported from Colombia and offer flavours unknown for the European consumers.

A growing revolutionary preservation technique

To keep the fresh flavour of fruit juices, TUKI uses a revolutionary process that allows to triple, even quintuple the shelf life of the food products : the cold pasteurisation technique of high pressure Processing (HPP). In contrast to the traditional preservation techniques, TUKI fruit juices are not subject to a heat treatment and keep the vitamins, the taste and the nutritional values of a freshly squeezed juice. Bottles already packaged and closed are subject for a few minutes to a very high pressure equivalent to many times the pressure of the ocean floor. The process allows to eliminate pathogens and to stabilise juices with a maximum shelf life of 60-70 days.

Promote a better image of Colombia

With the crowdfunding campaign, TUKI wants now to go a step further; offer new flavours, a new package, become THE premium fruit juice brand in Europe and promote a more positive image of Colombia.

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